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September 27, 2019 Roundtable
New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable (163)
State Utility Regulators & New England's Clean Energy Future; and Scaling Up Off-Shore Wind
Friday, September 27, 2019, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Welcome and Introductions — Dr. Jonathan Raab


State Utility Regulators & New England's Clean Energy Future: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Chairman Marissa Gillett, Connecticut PURA
Chairman Phil Bartlett, Maine PUC
Chairman Matthew Nelson, Massachusetts DPU




Scaling-Up Off-Shore Wind in New England
Dr. Stephanie McClellan, Special OSW Initiative, University of Delaware
Patrick Woodcock, Undersecretary of Energy, MA EEA
Lars Pedersen, CEO, Vineyard Wind
Ed Krapels, President & CEO, Anbaric
David Hang, President/Head of Development, Ørsted



Since 1995, the Restructuring Roundtable has been meeting at least four times per year to discuss current topics related to revolutionary changes in the electric power industry in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

Dr. Jonathan Raab serves as the moderator of the Roundtable and is responsible for developing the agenda, securing speakers, and facilitating the meetings. The Roundtable is hosted by the law firm Foley Hoag LLP and funded by participating sponsors.

#163 September 27, 2019
State Utility Regulators & New Englandís Clean Energy Future; and Scaling Up Off-Shore Wind
#162 June 21, 2019
Decarbonizing/Electrifying the Building Sector
#161 March 22, 2019
Keynotes on Resilience of New England's Electricity System; and Wholesale Market Design 3.0
#160 December 14, 2018
Forging Sustainable Solar (and Storage) Incentives for New England
#159 October 12, 2018
Regional Grid Modernization Developments; and the Future of Residential Retail Choice
#158 June 15, 2018
Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector in New England; and Emerging State Visions, Pathways, & Policies
#157 March 16, 2018
Two Keynote Addresses on Resiliency; and The Future of Off-Shore Wind in the Northeast
#156 December 15, 2017
Keynote Addresses from FERC Commissioner LaFleur and ISO-NE President/CEO van Welie; and Improving Energy Facility Siting & Permitting in New England
#155 October 6, 2017
Large Transmission-Based (MA 83D) RFP Project Proposals; and New England's Clean Energy Strategies in the Shadow of Federal U-Turns
#154 June 16, 2017
Preserving/Expanding Nuclear Power?; and Bringing Off-Shore Wind to New Englandís Shores
#153 March 24, 2017
The Future of Renewable Energy In New England
Part I: Renewable Energy Policies, Programs & Initiatives
Part II: Renewable Energy-Related Studies
#152 December 9, 2016
Part I: Energy Storage: Studies, Policies, & Programs
Part II: Energy Storage: Real (and Diverse) Projects
#151 September 30, 2016
Part I: Connecting the Dots: Major NE Energy Initiatives
Part II: Reforming Retail Rates to Better Integrate DERs
#149 February 26, 2016
Two Keynote Addresses on Regional Energy Issues; and Enabling Consumers in NE: New Technologies, Practices, & Policies to Transform Retail Energy Markets
#148 November 20, 2015
New England Pipeline and Transmission Infrastructure: Recent Developments & Recent Studies
#147 September 25, 2015
Massachusetts Utility Grid Modernization Plans; and Jump Ball: New England's Winter Reliability Program
#146 June 19, 2015
Next Wave of State Energy Efficiency Plans in New England; and Sustainable Rate Design for a Modern Grid
#145 April 17, 2015
Future of Solar in New England; and Transmission & Renewable Developments in New England
#144 March 13, 2015
State of NE States (Energy/Climate) — MA, CT, & ME; and Important Regional Generation Updates
#143 November 21, 2014
Gas Supply & Electricity Rates; and The Future of Demand Response
#142 September 19, 2014
EPA's Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule; and N.E. Electricity (& Gas) Markets & Reliability Issues
#141 June 27, 2014
The Electric Utility of the (Near?) Future; and The Promise of Storage for Renewables
#140 April 11, 2014
NE Governors' Energy Infrastructure Proposals/ENE's EnergyVision2050
#139 February 28, 2014
Capacity Market Design in NE/New Forward Capacity Proposals for NE
#138 December 13, 2013
Evolving Landscape & Regulatory Framework for Solar in NE & CA
#137 November 15, 2013
Natural Gas & Electricity Interface Challenges in NE
#136 September 20, 2013
Modernizing the Electric Grid in NE & Maryland
#135 June 14, 2013
ISO-NE's Generation Retirement Study/2020 Resource Options for NE
#134 April 26, 2013
RGGI Amendments: Implications for NE & the Nation
#133 February 15, 2013
Onward Energy Efficiency in New England
#132 December 21, 2012
Climate/Energy Policy in 2nd Obama Admin/Bracing for Storms in NE
#131 October 26, 2012
Evolving Reg. Landscape for DG in NE/Potential Next Wave DG Resources
#130 September 21, 2012
Better Aligning Capacity Markets to Ensure Resource Adequacy
#129 June 15, 2012
Impact of Natural Gas on NE Electricity Markets & Clean Energy Strategies
#128 April 13, 2012
EE in NE: Strengthening Core Programs/Tackling New Frontiers
#127 February 17, 2012
Bold State Regs, Policies & Programs in MA & the UK/The Future of RGGI
#126 December 9, 2011
Renewable Energy-Related Transmission for NE: by Land and by Sea
#124 June 10, 2011
The Future of Solar in New England